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β—’ New & Trending tokenless projects

Tokenless projects often gain rapid popularity, making it challenging to identify them early on.

These projects may not have received VC investments or may still be undisclosed at this stage.

To explore these projects, utilize @alphaquestio
1:08 AM Β· Apr 04, 2024
2. @alphaquestio: This is a research tool that helps discover trending tokens and projects before they take off.

There is a free version for you to use, but the paid version contains better insights.

Also, you can filter these projects by narratives, trending, new projects, and
9:48 PM Β· Mar 22, 2024
I have been using @alphaquestio to find out projects smart accounts are constantly keeping tabs with, and I noticed a huge number of alpha accounts such as @KAPOTHEGOAT01 @GrindingPoet @murtazasats and more following

I think they know something!
5:03 AM Β· Mar 19, 2024
β—’ Alpha Hunters

Since large accounts can't share ~$50-100k market cap projects as it will cause a pump & dump effect, many alpha hunters (small accounts) regularly share early alpha.

➜ Use @alphaquestio to find them:
- Visit their platform and sign in
- Go to the "Alpha
1:08 AM Β· Apr 04, 2024
Hercules | DeFi@Hercules_Defi
@alphaquestio helps me in finding such new Trending projects.

If you've found this thread helpful, Follow me @Hercules_Defi for more.

Like/Repost the quote below if you can:
11:42 PM Β· Feb 18, 2024
πŸ’₯ $TURBO, the meme toad token having made nearly 200x!

And @alphaquestio has spotted it way back on 27th Apr!

AlphaQuest users must have made juicy profitsπŸ€‘

There're still more gems for you to capitalize on!

With AlphaQuest, it's never been easier to catch gemsπŸ‘
5:54 PM Β· May 08, 2023
@DuneAnalytics @Dropstab_com @CryptoRank_io @paradigm @BinanceLabs @multicoincap @OKX_Ventures @a16zcrypto @animocabrands @DWFLabs ❺ How to find gem hunters:

I'm using @alphaquestio for this task:

➜ Go to:
➜ Sign up
➜ Visit the "Alpha Hunters" section
➜ Follow the ones you like
11:07 PM Β· Apr 05, 2024
Red Panda@0xRed_Panda
6/ Alpha Quest

The projects most-followed by Alpha Hunters are likely to be the next big thing in crypto, as influencers and major players have a significant impact on the market

@alphaquestio tracks 4,097 Crypto Twitter Influencers to discover which projects they follow.
11:39 PM Β· Feb 06, 2024
Ethereum Daily@ETH_Daily
In this bullish market, money is swiftly moving across chains! πŸš€

To seize every opportunity, flexibility is keyπŸ”‘

@alphaquestio handles it all, giving insightful signals &the most promising projects across blockchains

Go seize this season πŸ‘‰
5:45 PM Β· Dec 24, 2023
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This has been our secret weapon for identifying early-stage crypto projects since 2021. We’re thrilled to finally release this powerful tool to the public, offering everyone the opportunity to benefit from our in-house expertise and insights.


Tung Tran

Co-founder of TK Ventures

AlphaQuest is my go-to resource for discovering promising crypto projects in their infancy. Their weekly newsletter keeps me updated and ready to capitalize on greatest alpha. Highly recommended!


James R

Crypto Degen

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Found Aug 30th 2023

Leading the Social-Fi narrative on ETH

35x return since the discovered date


followers now (vs 28 when found)



Found Mar 14th 2023

1 days after account created

Leading Social-Fi project on Base, Generated $18M+ fee


followers now (vs 51 when found)



Found May 18th 2023

1 days after account created

14x return, Leading the Tele-Bot narrative


followers now (vs 121 when found)



Found Apr 15th 2023

11 days after account created

Listed on Binance and hit $1 Billion MarketCap


followers now (vs 107 when found)


ArbDoge AI

Found Apr 15th 2023

Arbitrum + AI + Meme narratives

300x return since the discovered date


followers now (vs 2,301 when found)



Found May 9th 2023

3 days after account created

70x return since the discovered date


followers now (vs 6,739 when found)

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